How to get STONE/wUSDM

Manta New Paradigm

Manta Pacific is running a campaign called 'Manta New Paradigm' giving PENTA yield to STONE and wUSDM tokens.

Simply bridge over ETH for STONE and USDC for wUSDM for the multi bonus including MANTA token reward, DeFi yields and Eigen Layer's restaking point.

How to get STONE / wUSDM

1️⃣ Visit Manta New Paradigm page and click Join Now

2️⃣ On the next page, connect your twitter account by clicking 'Connect Twitter'

3️⃣ Click 'Authorize app' then your Twitter will be connect to Manta New Paradigm

4️⃣ Click 'Connect Wallet' and sign on your wallet

5️⃣ When you see a new page as below, click 'Continue Anyway' If you have have an activity on Manta Pacific network, you'll see a different page saying 'you're lucky'. You can just proceed on that page too.

6️⃣ On the Deposit page ① Input the quantity of ETH/USDC you want to bridge to Manta Pacific Network and convert to STONE / wUSDM ② Click 'Deposit' and approve on your wallet

After a certain period of time (officially upto 24 hours but in a few min if network is not congested), STONE / wUSDM will be transffered to your wallet on Manta Pacific Network

Then you can supply your STONE / wUSDM you got from 'Manta New Paradigm' on Shoebill Finance V2.

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