Staked WEMIX Leverage

This investment strategy can be proceeded on WEMIX network

Leverage Staked WEMIX rewards

Staking rewards for WEMIX with Wemix Liquid Staking stWEMIX token is currently at 10~11% APY. Users can leverage staked WEMIX rewards as below:

3️⃣ Deposite WEMIX on WEMIX.FI and exchange to stWEMIX

4️⃣ Deposite stWEMIX on Shoebill V2 again

5️⃣ Repeat other process

Users can leverage for higher APY with low liquidation risk

How does Shoebill returns staking rewards cumulated to stWEMIX?

stWEMIX is reward accuring token of which the exchange rate increases based on the value comparing to WEMIX. Shoebill V2 returns the exact quantity to the depositors.

Where can I get stWEMIX?

Acquiring stWEMIX on WEMIX.FI

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