Shoebill Superiority


Shoebill Finance is designed to pay low interest up to a certain total loan-to-value ratio. Based on this, borrowers can earn high interest with stable leverage.

Some other protocols also offer low-interest loans, but require fees to open or close loan positions. Shoebill has no fees and borrowers only need to pay for gas. The risk of liquidation is also very low as the collateral and loan are associated LST assets, which do not vary much in price unless there are special issues.


Shoebill is designed to provide stable yields with low risk to lenders.

Shoebill treats only LST such as stWEMIX / GCKLAY / STONE / wUSDM as collateral, which is issued against WEMIX / KLAY / ETH / USDC, and the collateral is not lent back unless special case, so the risk of bad debts is also very low.

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